Legal Heir Certificate

A Legal Heir Certificate is a document that establishes the relationship between the deceased and their legal heirs. It is necessary to transfer the ownership of the deceased’s assets.

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How to Get your Legal heir certificate report with India for NRI

  • 1

    Application Submission

    Submit application with sub divisional magistrate

  • 2

    Document Attachment

    Attach all the documents required in the application

  • 3

    Verification Process

    The sub divisional office verifies the documents and legal heirs

Key Considerations for NRI for Legal heir certificate

Spouse, children

or parents are considered legal heirs

Apply to

deceased ordinary residence district

Revoked If

defective or fraudulent

Protected from

lender’s claim

Power of

attorney allowed for some districts

Death certificate

is must


by Tehsildar

Income Tax not

applicable on transfer of assets to trust

Tax efficient

structure for inheritance planning

Stamp duty

applicable on transfer of assets to trust


not required

Protection from

forced heirship

Well drafted

trust deed often cannot be challenged in court

Trustee to be

appointed for asset distribution

Flexibility to settlor

to control the assets till their life

FEMA/RBI rules

apply in case of Non resident trust

SEBI Approval

required for share transfers of listed company

Benefits of Legal heir certificate

Inheritance and Property Transfer: Transfer the property, including land, houses, vehicles, and other assets, of the deceased to the legal heirs.

Pension & Insurance Claims: Claim Insurance, pensions, gratuities, provident fund, or other retirement benefits of a deceased government employee or pensioner.

Bank Account Access: They allow the legal heirs to access the bank accounts of the deceased, withdraw funds, close accounts, or manage investments held in the deceased's name.

Mutual Fund and Stock Transfer: Legal heir certificates are required for transferring mutual funds, shares, stocks, or other financial instruments held by the deceased to the legal heirs.

Debt Settlement: They may be needed to settle outstanding debts, loans, or liabilities of the deceased, ensuring that creditors are repaid from the estate.

Government Benefits and Schemes: Legal heir certificates enable legal heirs to avail government benefits or schemes meant for the deceased, such as agricultural subsidies, housing schemes, or other welfare programs.

Tax Matters: They are useful for filing income tax returns, property tax payments, or other tax matters related to the deceased's estate.

Educational and Employment Purposes: Legal heir certificates may be needed for educational admissions, employment applications, or other official purposes requiring proof of relationship with the deceased.

Situation Legal Heir Certificate Succession Certificate
Inheritance of Property in India

Accessing Bank Accounts

Claiming Life Insurance Benefits

Transferring Shares or Investments

Inheriting Debts or Liabilities

Property Sale or Transfer

Succession Planning

Nomination or Will Execution

CApplying for Government Benefits

Settling Legal Disputes

Documents Required for Legal heir certificate

Original Death Certificate of the deceased person(s)

Any other document in respect of the identity of deceased person(s), if available

Adhaar Card, PAN Card or any other identity document of all the heirs

2 Passport Size Photograph of the person(s) filing the petition

Documents of Movable Assets in respect of which Certificate is sought

Legal Heir Certificate Succession Certificate Probate Letter of Administration

Establishes relationship with deceased

Grants authority to successors

Validates and executes will

Appoints administrators


Applicable for more than only financial matters

Relevant to financial matters only

Execute will, transfer property

Distribute assets


To access pensions, transfer assets

Transfer properties, claim debts

Execute will, transfer property

Distribute assets

Applying Authority

Local government authority

Court having jurisdiction

Court having jurisdiction

Court having jurisdiction

Documentation Required

Relationship proof, death certificate

Death certificate, other documents

Will, death certificate

Death certificate, application



Limited (typically 6 months - 1 year)


Limited (until administration)

Scope of Authority

Establish relationship with deceased

Transfer or claim assets

Execute will, distribute assets

Distribute assets


Apply to relevant authority

Apply to court

Apply to court

Apply to court

Examples of Usage

Pension claims, property transfer

Debt claims, property transfer

Will execution, property transfer

Asset distribution

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