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Self-employment income £300
Capital gains £200
Investment income(Excluding ISAs) £150
Overseas employment and pensions(UK residents are taxed on their worldwide income) £150
Overseas investments (UK residents are taxed on their worldwide income) £150
Child benefits£100
Pension income £100
Pension contributions £100
Donations to charities £30
Marriage allowance £30
Base Price £150
Total £0
Total £200

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Key Considerations for NRI Before Property Purchase

Residency Status

in India and UK



Taxable income

in UK

Personal Allowances

and Deductions

Tax Rates

and Bands

Tax treatment

of investment in UK and India

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Self Assessment Tax Return (SA 100)

The SA100 is the main tax return form for individuals in the United Kingdom who need to file a Self-Assessment tax return. This form is used by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to collect income tax from individuals who have received income during the tax year over and above what is covered by Pay As You Earn (PAYE) or those with more complex tax affairs.


The "Foreign" (SA106) is a supplementary form to the main Self-Assessment tax return (SA100) used in the United Kingdom for individuals who need to report foreign income and gains. This form is necessary for individuals who have received income from abroad that needs to be declared to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


The "Foreign Tax Credit Relief" section within the SA106 form is specifically designed for individuals who are reporting foreign income and gains on their Self-Assessment tax return in the United Kingdom. This section helps to ensure that taxpayers do not pay tax twice on the same income—once in the foreign country where the income was earned and again in the UK.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Return (SA108)

The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) return, denoted as SA108, is a supplementary form used in conjunction with the main Self-Assessment tax return (SA100) in the United Kingdom. It is specifically designed for individuals who need to report capital gains or losses from the disposal of assets. The form is used to calculate the capital gains tax owed to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or to report any losses that might offset future gains.


The "Additional Information" form, known as SA109, is a supplementary schedule designed to be completed alongside the main Self-Assessment tax return (SA100) in the United Kingdom. It's used by individuals who need to provide extra details that don't fit within the standard sections of the SA100 or its other supplementary pages. The SA109 is particularly relevant for individuals with more complex tax situations, such as those with residency issues or claims to remittance basis.

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, is a special economic zone, near Ahmedabad, which offers a seamless platform for investing in Indian financial markets, providing a gateway to diverse investment opportunities. By addressing regulatory complexities and providing a supportive environment, Gift City aims to encourage NRIs and foreign investors to actively participate in India's growing economy.

  1. No Pan card Required
  2. Invest in Foreign currency
  3. Derivatives contracts are allowed without need of demat account
  4. Easy access
  5. No transaction costs
  6. Exemption from filing ITR with certain conditions
  7. Tax Benefits
  8. Exposure to global markets






7 days to 5 years






7 days to 5 years


Category III

Return1 Year



Category III

Return1 Year


Documents required for UK Taxation

your ten-digit Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)

your National Insurance number

details of your untaxed income from the tax year, including income from self-employment, dividends and interest on shares

records of any expenses relating to self-employment

any contributions to charity or pensions that might be eligible for tax relief

P60 or other records showing how much income you received that you’ve already paid tax on.

DTAA between UK and India

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