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Uses of Pan Card for NRI

How to get your Pan Card with India for NRI

  • 1

    Fill the prescribed form

    NRI can fill the form as per the citizenship status

  • 2


    India for NRI team will analyse the form details & apply for PAN.

  • 3


    Once filed we will share the acknowledgement

  • 4

    Send signed documents

    Signed documents are required to be posted to India

Key Consideration for Pan Card

Form 49 A for

Indian citizens

Form 49 AA for

Non Indian Citizens

Time 10-15 days

after submission of signed documents

International AO

code is assigned for NRI Pan

Change or updation

of pan can be done

PAN should be

updated to Income tax portal

Documents required for NRI Pan card

Copy of India Passport + One Address Proof as below

For delivery to Overseas address

Documents must show applicant's name and overseas address in English.

Required Address Proof (Only one): Driver's Licence, or Utility Bills, or Bank A/c statement, or NRE A/c statement.

For Bahrain residents and also other gulf countries, GCC Smart Card is accepted as proof of address

For UAE applicants, Tenancy Contract is accepted as proof of UAE address.

For delivery to India address

Documents must show applicant's name and India address in English

Required Address Proof (Only one): Passport, or Driver's Licence, Electricity Bill, Voter Id, Utility Bill, etc.

Copy of Aadhaar must be provided for delivery to India address

Birth Certificate Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

Confirms an individual's birth details, serves as proof of identity and nationality

Serves as a substitute when original birth records cannot be obtained, providing an alternative for official purposes


Issued shortly after birth by government or relevant authorities

Issued when original birth records are unavailable due to various reasons

Issued after birth?

Contains detailed birth information?

Provides proof of birth?

Used when original birth records are unavailable?

Issued by government or relevant authorities?

Serves as primary proof of identity and nationality?

Benefits of getting an NRI PAN Card

NRIs can enjoy a simplified tax-paying procedure if they have an NRI PAN card.

NRIs who want to purchase a house or car in India can easily do so by submitting their PAN card during the transaction.

An NRI PAN card will let NRIs invest in mutual funds and securities in India.

Having an NRI PAN card simplifies the KYC procedure for NRIs who wish to open or update a bank account in India.

NRIs can deposit large sums of money into an Indian bank account by submitting their NRI PAN card.

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