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Key consideration for University Transcripts

Transcript from


Convocation certiticate

from university

Duplicate Marksheet

from university

Education credential

assessment for WES, IQAS, ICAS

Highest Degree is

evaluated in case of multiple degree

Embassy attestation of

transcript can be done

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR University Transcripts

Mark sheets of all semesters including details of re-attempts

Degree certificate

Identification proof (Passport /Aadhaar)

Authorization letter (Optional)

Birth Certificate Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

Confirms an individual's birth details, serves as proof of identity and nationality

Serves as a substitute when original birth records cannot be obtained, providing an alternative for official purposes


Issued shortly after birth by government or relevant authorities

Issued when original birth records are unavailable due to various reasons

Issued after birth?

Contains detailed birth information?

Provides proof of birth?

Used when original birth records are unavailable?

Issued by government or relevant authorities?

Serves as primary proof of identity and nationality?

Uses of University transcript

Education Evaluation NRIs may need their university transcripts evaluated for equivalency in other countries if they are pursuing further education or seeking employment abroad.

Employment Some employers, especially multinational companies, may request university transcripts as part of the hiring process to verify educational qualifications.

Professional Licensing NRIs who are professionals in fields such as medicine, engineering, or law may need to provide university transcripts as part of the licensing or certification process in their country of residence.

Immigration University transcripts can sometimes be required as part of the visa application process, particularly for skilled migration programs or for demonstrating academic qualifications.

Scholarships and Grants NRIs applying for scholarships or grants for further education may need to submit university transcripts as part of their application.

Research or Academic Pursuits For NRIs engaged in research or academic pursuits, university transcripts can be essential for admission to graduate programs, securing funding, or presenting academic achievements.

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