NRI Property Mutation

Property mutation is the transfer of property ownership. It entails updating the land revenue department of the government’s records. Mutation is also called dhakkhil/kharij, khatta etc. in different states

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Mutation certificates

15 + years

experienced lawyers

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cities service

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Property Value

How to Get your Property Mutation with India for NRI

  • 1


    Submit all details and documents

  • 2


    Our lawyer will take file application with local authority and fill application form.

  • 3


    Lawyer will submit alld supporting documents with authority

  • 4

    Mutation certificate

    Upon checking the authority will issue certificate

Key Considerations for NRI for Property Mutation ?

Power of

attorney is allowed

Certificate is

issued by local Municipal corporation

Mutation is done,

on completion of sales transaction


needs to get mutation done

PAN card

will be required

Timeline & process

may vary state to state

Mandatory for

land buyers


certificate required if inherited property

Property tax & records

are changed in applicants name

$4 Trillion

Market Cap. Ranked 4th in world

1000 Times

Nifty Growth in 20 Years

$611 Billion

Assets in Mutual Fund on Dec'23

84.9 Million

Registered Investors

$125 Billion

Ranked 1in Foreign Inward Remittance in 2023

$10 Trillion

Market to Double by 2030

Benefits of having Property Mutation

Facilitates Ownership Verification

Simplifies the process of identifying and verifying property ownership efficiently and promptly.

Maintains Accurate Records

Ensures accurate recording of property transactions, aiding in the maintenance of reliable property records.

Proof for Financial Services

Serves as credible proof of ownership, enabling access to loans and various financial services.

Tracks Tax Payments

Helps in monitoring property tax payments and other governmental dues, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Prevents Fraud and Disputes

Reduces the risk of fraud and disputes related to property ownership by maintaining updated records.

Historical Tracking

Allows tracking of property history, including past owners and transactions, providing valuable insights.

Streamlines Property Transactions

Facilitates the buying and selling of property by streamlining the documentation process.

Assists in Tax Assessment

Aids in property tax assessment and collection, ensuring accurate tax calculations.

Sale Agreement Sale Deed Mutation
Executable in Court of Law?

Time of Execution

Before Sale Deed

After Sale Agreement, Before Registration

After Sale Deed, Before Registration

Legal Consequences

Specifies Intentions

Confirms Sale Agreement, Transfer of Title

Updates Official Records, No Transfer of Title

Scope of Legal Protection




Legally Binding?

Transfer of Ownership?

Provides Legal Validity

Registered with Authorities?

Witnessing Required?

Validates Property Transfer?

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