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Illustrative Employment Concerns on Foreign Land: Reportable to Indian Government Authorities

Welfare Beyond Borders: Potential Government Aids for Indian NRIs

Transparency and Accountability

Promote transparency and accountability in the complaint redressal process by publicly disclosing information on the number of complaints received, resolution rates, types of grievances, and actions taken by regulatory authorities. Hold banks and financial institutions accountable for their performance in addressing customer grievances.

Mandatory Disclosure Requirements

Mandate banks and financial institutions to provide clear and transparent disclosures regarding their products, services, fees, charges, terms, and conditions to customers. Ensure that customers have access to relevant information to make informed decisions and avoid misunderstandings.

Prompt Investigation and Resolution

Ensure that customer complaints are investigated promptly and resolved fairly within stipulated timelines. Require banks and financial institutions to provide timely responses to customer queries and complaints, with clear explanations and appropriate remedies.

Refund of Excessive Charges

Assess the reasonableness of charges and refund excessive fees to customers.

Refund of unauthorised transactions

Refund the amount involved in unauthorized transactions to the affected customer

Cooperation international regulatory authorities

Enhance cooperation with international regulatory authorities, and law enforcement agencies to combat cross-border financial crimes, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

Improved customer service

Directions to Improve customer service standards, train staff, and enhance responsiveness to customer queries and complaints.

Settlement between the parties

On being heard by both the parties the authority may issue a settlement agreement between the parties, by awarding necessary compensation to them.

Our Process


I encountered unexpected transaction charges on my Indian bank account, prompting me to contact the India for NRI. Their prompt investigation revealed some charges were unjustly applied. The bank not only refunded these charges but also assured me of measures to prevent future errors. This efficient resolution and their commitment to transparency greatly reinstated my trust in their services for NRIs.

------Amit Mehta, Sydney, Australia

I experienced unauthorized transactions on my Indian credit card, leading to immediate concern about potential fraud. Upon discovering the issue, I quickly contacted India for NRI Grievance service, outlining my situation and requesting urgent action. Their response was impressively rapid and understanding. The Credit card company promptly investigated, confirming the transactions were fraudulent, and reversed the charges. They also issued a new card with enhanced security features.

------Priya Gupta, Singapore


NRI banking complaints in India, NBFCs, and Financial institution disputes for NRIs is simpler for NRIs. We address their NBFC grievances for NRIs, bridging the gap by offering seamless financial solutions.

Timelines for addressing issues with Banks, NBFCs, or Financial Institutions can vary based on complexity and cooperation. Be assured, our commitment to assisting with NRI banking complaints in India and NBFC grievances for NRIs remains steadfast.

Submit relevant documentation as evidence supporting your grievance with Banks/NBFC grievances for NRIs, accompanied by a concise summary and a tailored checklist of necessary documents. Recognize that document requirements may vary depending on the specifics of your case, especially concerning NRI banking complaints in India and Bank fraud issues for non-resident Indians.

Start with Relevant Documents: Begin by submitting the documents that directly relate to your grievance. These could include account statements, transaction records, correspondence, or any other evidence that supports your case.

Document Checklist: Alongside your initial submission, provide a checklist of documents you believe are necessary to resolve the grievance. This checklist can serve as a guide for the grievance resolution process and help the Bank/NBFC/Financial Institution understand your expectations.

Additional Documents: Mention that you are willing to provide any additional documents as requested by the Bank/NBFC/Financial Institution to further investigate and resolve the issue.

Grievance Summary: Clearly outline the nature of your grievance, including key dates, transaction details, and the specific problem you are facing. This summary should serve as an introduction to your case.

Contact Information: Ensure your contact details are accurate and provide multiple means of contact, such as email and phone number, so that the institution can easily reach out for clarifications or updates.

Online Entry Point: Initiate your Grievance services journey through our secure NRI Economic Forum, tailored for addressing NRI banking complaints in India and NBFC grievances for NRIs.

Assessing Your Requirements: Communicate distinct Grievance needs as an NRI facing financial institution disputes, especially concerning NRI financial disputes in Indian banks.

Transparency and Efficiency: Experience transparent and efficient Grievance services for Bank fraud issues concerning non-resident Indians and non-banking financial institutions in India.

Stay Informed: Seamlessly track your Grievance journey, accessing inquiry status for financial institution disputes and other related issues for NRIs.

NRIs abroad can resolve NRI banking complaints in India or NBFC grievances seamlessly via our online portal, eliminating the need for physical presence at Indian government offices for financial disputes.

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Unanswered Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Frequently asked questions

What legal requirements are involved in establishing a Power of Attorney (POA) for managing financial affairs in India, and how can you assist in this process?

Drafting a POA document that specifies granted powers is essential for NRIs managing finances in India. Our services at "India for NRIs" include legal advisories to create a POA document tailored to your needs and compliant with Indian laws.

What types of complaints can I file against Banks/NBFCs through this portal?

Complaints regarding unauthorized transactions, account disputes, loan concerns, and service quality issues with Banks and NBFCs can be filed. We address a broad spectrum of financial service complaints from these institutions.

What information should I include in my complaint description to ensure a swift resolution?

Provide a detailed description of the issue, including relevant dates, account numbers, transaction specifics, and communications with the Bank/NBFC. The more comprehensive your information, the better we can assist in resolving the matter swiftly.

What should I do if my complaint against a Bank/NBFC is not resolved satisfactorily?

In case the Bank or NBFC doesn't resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, escalate the matter within the institution or contact the relevant regulatory body in your country. Maintaining documented records of communications is vital for reference.


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