NRI Agreement to Sell

A sales agreement is a contract between a buyer and a seller that outlines the terms, conditions, and specifics of a transaction for selling goods or services.

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How to Get your Sale Agreement with India for NRI

  • 1

    Provide Details

    Fill Give details of property as per the form attached.

  • 2


    with the lawyer Discuss the requirements and the specifications to be drafted

  • 3


    Lawyer drafts your document according to the requirements

  • 4


    You may Register the agreement

Key Considerations for NRI Before Property Sale?


first installment onwards


is mandatory

Lower TDS

certificate can be applied

Pay Zero Tax

with exemptions available for NRI

Up to $1 million

per year allowed from NRO

Up to two

residential houses sale can be repatriated

NRO account

for proceeds from residents

No limit

if bought from Foreign exchange

15 CA/CB

will be required

Power of attorney

can be issued

Property documents

need to be in place

Agriculture land

can only be transferred to resident

Benefits of having Sale Agreement

Legal Protection

Offers legal safeguards for both parties involved in the property transaction.


They provide clear terms regarding the price, payment schedule, possession date etc

Binding Contract

Once signed, sale agreements become legally binding contracts.

Dispute Prevention

By documenting agreed terms, sale agreements help avoid misunderstandings.

Proof of Intent

Demonstrates both parties' commitment to completing the transaction.

Financing Facilitation

Sale agreements may be required by financial institutions for loan approval etc.

Calculate Tax on sale of property

Sale deed Agreement for sale

Actual transfer

Promise of a future transfer

Information about?

Details of Both the parties & property

Specifies the terms and conditions of transfer


Ownership right

Right to purchase as per conditions

Stamp duty

Buyer has to pay stamp duty and registration fee

Signed and executed by both parties on a non-judicial stamp paper.

Risk involved

New buyer


In case of violation?

Legal complaint and monetary damages are awarded.

Lawsuit for damages & contract termination.


Registration of a selling deed is required

All states have different requirements for registering sales agreements.

Let’s calculate for your

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