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Use of Bachelorhood Certificate for NRI

How to Get your Bachelorhood Certificate with India for NRI

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Key consideration for Bachelorhood certificate/CENOMAR

Issued by

local court/SDM

To be attested

apostilled after obtaining

Crucial part of

Marriage registration in foreign country

Required when

marrying foreigner

Specifies one's

marital status

Documents Required to Get a Single Status/Bachelorhood Certificate in India

An affidavit that states you are single


Aadhar card/ID proof

Parents proof

Birth Certificate Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

Confirms an individual's birth details, serves as proof of identity and nationality

Serves as a substitute when original birth records cannot be obtained, providing an alternative for official purposes


Issued shortly after birth by government or relevant authorities

Issued when original birth records are unavailable due to various reasons

Issued after birth?

Contains detailed birth information?

Provides proof of birth?

Used when original birth records are unavailable?

Issued by government or relevant authorities?

Serves as primary proof of identity and nationality?

Uses of getting a Single status certificate

Marriage Before getting married in foreign country or with a foreigner, individuals may need to obtain a CENOMAR

Immigration When applying for a visa or residency permit based on marriage to a foreign national.

Annulment or Divorce Proceedings: In legal proceedings related to annulment or divorce, a CENOMAR may be required to demonstrate that an individual's previous marriage has been legally dissolved or declared null and void.

Employment Some employers, particularly those operating in countries where marital status may affect employment eligibility or benefits, may request a CENOMAR as part of the employment application process.

Insurance and Benefits Insurance companies or government agencies may require a CENOMAR when adding a spouse to an insurance policy or applying for certain benefits.

Travel and Documentation if the destination country has specific entry or residency requirements related to marital status.

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