NRI Gift Deed

A gift deed is an agreement that is used, when a person wishes to gift his property or money to someone else. A moveable or immovable property can be gifted voluntarily using gift deed, from the donor to the donee.

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How to Get your Gift Deed with India for NRI

  • 1

    Provide Details

    Provide details for Gift deed

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    with the lawyer Discuss the requirements and the specifications to be drafted .

  • 3


    Lawyer drafts your document according to the requirements

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    You may Register the deed

Key Considerations of Gift Deed for NRI

Tax exempt transfer

to Relatives as per Income tax act.

Stamp duty

is applicable based on state.

No Power of Attorney

is allowed for registration

Mandatory to

register Gift deed.

18+ years

can be doner, donee can be minor

Revoked in

specific circumstances

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1000 Times

Nifty Growth in 20 Years

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Benefits of having Gift Deed

Immediate Transfer Transfer a particular property immediately while alive.

Avoidance of Probate, through a gift deed probate is avoided, allowing the donee to take immediate possession

No Monetary Transaction: Unlike a sale deed, a gift deed does not involve any monetary consideration

Legal Recognition, Once properly executed and registered, a gift deed is legally binding

Estate Planning strategy to transfer assets heirs or beneficiaries

Tax Implications Gifts received through a gift deed may be exempt from income tax

Calculate Tax on sale of property

Gift Deed Will Relinquishment Deed
Immediate Execution?

Registration mandatory?


Yes/ No

Tax planning?



yes, Required for some cases


Transfer ownership


Give up right to property

Estate Planning

Appointment of Executors

Documents required for Gift Deed

Original Gift Deed to be executed

Original Sale Deed of the property

PAN card of both the parties to execute Gift Deed.

Name of both the parties

Address of both parties

Circumstances for Making Gift deed, Will or Relinquishment Deed

Gift Deed Will Relinquishment Deed
Guardianship for Minors

Charitable Bequests

Co-Ownership Arrangements

Division of Inherited Property

Removal of Legal Rights

Property Settlements

Executed During Lifetime

Takes Effect After Death

Involves Monetary Exchange

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