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How to Get your Letter of administration with India for NRI

  • 1

    Advisory and appointment of lawyer

    India for NRI shall assist you end-to-end in advisory, process and correspondence

  • 2

    Submission of affidavits by legal heirs

    All legal heirs and witnesses are required to submit affidavits along with the list of all properties with their valuations.

  • 3

    Court fees to be paid depending on wealth size

    These fees are also different across various courts as per State laws.

  • 4

    Court Visits and objections, if any

    The entire process takes about 6-12 months depending upon location, complexity in assets and co-operation of all family members.

Key considerations for letter of administration

In case

will is not present

Failure on

part of executor of will to accept executorship

Non appointment

Legal incapacity

or refusal by executor

Death of

executor of will

Registration of

will & Probate are not same

Issued by


Court fee

applicable based on value of property

Income Tax not

applicable on transfer of assets to trust

Tax efficient

structure for inheritance planning

Stamp duty

applicable on transfer of assets to trust

Documents Required

Death Certificate of the testator/deceased.

Aadhar Card of the testator/deceased.

Ration Card of testator/deceased. .

Original Will in case of letter of administration without Will.

List of Legal heirs.

Documentary proof of the properties testator/deceased. If there is Will then documentary proof of the properties mentioned in the Will.

Letter of Administration Probate of Will
Required when deceased died intestate or named executor unable to fulfill duties?

Validates authenticity and validity of the will?

Appoints an executor/administrator?

Allows for distribution of assets according to state laws?

No (assets distributed as per deceased's wishes outlined in the will)

Applies when deceased had no valid will and assets need distribution?

No (requires a valid will)

Determines legal heirs and their entitlement to the estate?

Necessary when there's a dispute over inheritance or legal heirs?

Applying for Government Benefits

Uses of letter of administration

Legal Authority: It grants the administrator(s) the legal authority to manage and distribute the deceased person's estate according to the laws of intestacy.

Letter of Administration Succession Certificate Legal Heir Certificate

Administer estate without a will.

Establish legal heirs' shares in property.

Establish legal heirs for inheritance.

Issuing Authority



Local authorities/Court

Granted To


Legal heir(s)

Legal heir(s)


Absence of a valid will.

Absence of a will/disputes.

Proof of relationship.

Scope of Authority

Estate administration.

Transfer/deal with property shares.

Establish status, no authority.


Valid for estate process.

Limited time for property transfer.

Status certification.

Application Requirement

Detailed application.

With death certificate, documents.

With documents proving relationship.

Court Involvement

Necessary for grant.

Court issues.

May or may not involve court.

Time Consuming Process

Usually time consuming

Usually time consuming

Quicker to process

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