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Reporting of NRI Employment Issues to Indian Goverment

  • Goverment Authorized
  • Presenting your Issue to right Govt. Authority
  • Confidientiality of identity
  • Traceable Status of Reported Grievance
  • Bringing Goverment Aid

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Illustrative Employment Concerns on Foreign Land: Reportable to Indian Government Authorities

Welfare Beyond Borders: Potential Government Aids for Indian NRIs

Financial Assistance

Offering financial assistance or grants to Indian NRIs in dire financial situations

Temporary Shelter

Arranging for emergency accommodation or temporary shelter for Indian NRIs facing immediate threats to their safety or well-being


Arranging for repatriation or evacuation of the NRI in situations of extreme distress or danger, following established protocols and procedures.

Liason with Host Government

Diplomatic negotiations with the host country's government

Liason with embassy

Liaising with the help of respective Indian embassies or consulates

Legal/Arbitation assistance

Coordinating with local legal experts or agencies for legal recourse

Community support

Establishing community support networks or cultural centers to provide social, cultural, and emotional support to Indian NRIs.


Offering emotional support and counseling services to help the NRI cope with the emotional stress and challenges

Navigating cultural differences

Providing guidance on navigating cultural differences and norms that may impact legal proceedings in the host country.

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As an Indian NRI facing unfair dismissal from my job overseas, I didn't know where to turn for help. The India For NRI invaluable support, offering legal advice and coordinating with local authorities to challenge the unjust termination.

------Neha Sharma, UAE

When I encountered discrimination and harassment at my workplace in a foreign country, I felt isolated and vulnerable. The Indian consulate extended a helping hand, offering guidance on filing complaints and advocating for workplace equality

------Rumi Singhania, Maharashtra, India


As an Indian Non-Resident Indian (NRI) residing abroad, you have the opportunity to address employment-related grievances through our specialized online portal. This platform offers you a channel to express NRI employment issues, lodge complaints regarding NRI employment issue complaint, and communicate concerns about Complaint of NRI Employment issue to indian goverment.

The complaint regarding NRI employment issues will be registered with the relevant government authority within 2 to 3 business days. Once we receive the acknowledgement, we will promptly share it with you via email.

Please note that the resolution of the NRI employment issue complaint will be determined by the complexity of the case and the operational efficiency of the government authority. Our role is limited to initiating the registration process with the government authority. However, you can always inquire about the status of your complaint by reaching out to us via email at info@indiafornri.com. If you have any concerns regarding an Complaint of NRI Employment issue to indian government.

No specific documents are usually needed, but providing any relevant documents can assist in resolving your grievance related to an Complaint of NRI Employment issue to indian goverment.

To expedite the process, please consider providing the following documents:

Passport: Require the scanned copy of the passport.

Indian Identification Documents: Your identification documents, such as a Pan card, Aadhaar card, or driving license, to verify your identity.

Residential proof: Such as an electricity bill, gas bill, or water bill.

  1. Employment contract or offer letter.
  2. Payslips or salary statements.
  3. Bank statements showing payment transactions.
  4. Correspondence or emails with the employer.
  5. Any evidence of workplace harassment or discrimination.

Details of the employer: Registration details of the company, Indian and foreign addresses, website.

Job ID: There are job IDs in certain countries like Ikama no in the Islamic countries.

Supporting Evidence: Any additional documents or evidence related to the NRI employment issue complaint, such as fee receipts, examination records, or official notices.

If you have an NRI employment issue or an Complaint of NRI Employment issue to indian government to file with the Indian government.

Visit the Portal: Access the dedicated India for NRI Grievance Portal, designed specifically to handle complaints related to NRI employment issues.

Registration/Login: If you're using the portal for the first time, register by providing a valid email address and creating a secure password. For existing users, simply log in to your account.

Submit Your Grievance: Provide comprehensive details about your NRI employment issue complaint, including the nature of the problem, and attach any relevant documents or evidence.

Tracking: Once the complaint has been registered with the relevant government authority, we will share the acknowledgment. Use the acknowledgment number to track the progress of your Complaint of NRI Employment issue to indian goverment. For tracking, please email us at info@indiafornri.com

As an NRI, you have the convenience of lodging your grievance online through our portal, eliminating the need for physical presence at any Indian government office. This streamlined process is particularly beneficial when addressing an NRI employment issue or an NRI employment issue complaint directly with the Complaint of NRI Employment issue to indian goverment.

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Unanswered Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Frequently asked questions

How can I submit an employment-related grievance as an NRI living abroad?

You can submit your employment-related grievance online through the dedicated portal, eliminating the need for a physical presence in India. This process caters to concerns like NRI employment issue or NRI employment issue complaint, ensuring efficient resolution.

What supporting documents should I attach when filing an employment grievance?

While not mandatory, attaching any relevant documents or evidence that can assist in resolving your employment grievance is recommended. These documents can be vital in addressing NRI employment issues in India.

Can I track the progress of my employment grievance after submission?

Yes, upon submission, you'll receive a unique complaint number, allowing you to monitor the status and progress of your grievance, including concerns about NRI employment issue or NRI cheating case in India, through the online portal.

Are there any limitations on the number of grievances an NRI can file regarding employment issues?

There is generally no limit on the number of grievances an NRI can file concerning employment, as long as they are genuine employment-related concerns.

What is the typical response time for resolving employment grievances through the online portal?

The authorities aim to address and resolve employment grievances within 30 days from the date of filing. This timeline applies to resolving Complaint of NRI Employment issue to Indian government and other employment-related concerns.


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