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We provide expert service to recovery of Lost / Forgotten / Blocked investments in financial instrument such as Shares/ Mutual funds / Provident Fund / Insurance / Postal savings / Bank accounts etc.

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    Generally in about 6-8 months shares are recovered to demat account

Key considerations for shares Recovery

$8.3 billion

unclaimed shares in IEPF

$2.3 billion

unclaimed mutual funds

$3 billion

unclaimed dividends and deposits

$4.1 billion

unclaimed PPF

$4 billion

unclaimed Bank accounts

$41 billions

physical shares not dematerialised


shares not transferable

7 years

dividend unclaimed transferred to IEPF

10 years

Bank account unoperational transferred to DEAF


Card required

Freeze of

portfolio if KYC not updated

KYC of

physical shares is mandatory by SEBI

Reason of Unclaimed Investments

Change in Correspondence Adress

In case the address of a customer is changed, the Warrants then issued are not received by them. We help customers to get their address Update with the company for Future correspondences.


In case of Change in Signature, the company do not recognize the Shareholder's signature, we help our Customers to update their signatures with the company and get their Unclaimed amount.


Old Investments made by our forefathers are not known to Many. We help customers in getting the information of the same & release those funds

Lost/torn physical copies of shares

The physical copies of shares issued by the companies have been lost or mutilated

Death of Investor:

In cases where investors pass away without leaving clear instructions or beneficiaries, their investments may remain unclaimed until proper legal procedures are followed by heirs or executors.

Inactive Accounts:

Accounts that remain inactive for an extended period, typically defined by the financial institution's policy, may become dormant, leading to investments being classified as unclaimed

Estate Issues:

Unclaimed investments may occur when there are disputes or delays in settling estates

Regulatory Changes:

Changes in regulatory requirements, tax laws, or compliance standards may lead to investors facing challenges in claiming their investments due to additional documentation or verification processes

Services for Recovery of Assets

Recovery Of Shares from IEPF

The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) is a fund established by the Indian government to promote investor awareness and protect the interests of investors. One of the functions of the IEPF is to manage unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, and other assets transferred to it under various provisions of the Companies Act.

If your shares have been transferred to the IEPF due to non-receipt of dividends or non-operation of the demat account for a specified period, shareholder can reclaim them from the authority

Physical To Demat Shares

Dematerialization is the procedure of giving electronic format to physical shares and securities. So, open a demat account if you are looking for dematerialization of your mutual fund units, share certificates, government securities, etc. Once opened, you can get electronic shares in the demat account by surrendering your physical entities. To open a demat account; you need a depository participant (DP), who can take care of all your shares and securities in electronic format.

Issue Duplicate Share

You can apply for a duplicate share certificate in case you have misplaced or lost the share certificate (original), or it was damaged/torn and was returned to the company. A lost share certificate must be backed by a formal police complaint filed by you, and the report should include the folio number and other pertinent details of the shares. The information then needs to be shared with the issuing company that will immediately freeze the transfer of these shares for one month to prevent any fraudulent activity while it conducts its own scrutiny.

Transmission of shares

Transmission or bequeath of shares are done voluntarily by the shareholder without any consideration through will, deed, or agreement to his or her legal heir. It is an act by operation of law where the shares are transferred to the legal heir of the deceased on producing registered will, court decree, succession certificate or probate to the company/ registrar transfer agent. No Objection Certificate by other legal heirs of the deceased is a necessary document for transmission of shares.

Recovery of mutual funds

Investments in mutual funds can be recovered by filling the respective claim with the mutual fund company. The investments in mutual funds are blocked when dividends are not claimed for past 7 years consecutively or when the investors bank account is not linked with the respective mutual fund where the investments are made.

To claim the mutual funds investments, the investor must possess the folio no of the investments or any other document proof of the investment.

Recovery of Fixed deposit

FD becomes unclaimed when the depositor fails to withdraw the money even after maturity. This can occur for various reasons, including:

  1. Depositor's demise
  2. Change of address
  3. Misplacement of the Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR)
  4. Lack of awareness of the maturity date
What happens to unclaimed FDs?

If an FD remains unclaimed for 10 years or more after maturity, banks are mandated to transfer the funds to the Depositor Education and Awareness Fund (DEAF) within three month

Recovery of bank account

According to rules, if a bank account remains inactive for 10 years, money gets transferred to the RBI's Depositor Education and Awareness (DEA) Fund every month. The important point to note here is the unclaimed money earns interest at rates specified by the RBI, not at the rate at which the deposit was made.

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Some key documents required for NRIs in case of IEPF Claims:

PAN Card

Foreign passport

OCI Card / PIO Card

NRE / NRO Bank account

NRE / NRO Demat account

PAN Card

Indian Passport

NRE / NRO Bank account

NRE / NRO Demat account


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