Reporting of NRI OCI Card Issues to Indian Goverment

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  • Presenting your Issue to right Govt. Authority
  • Confidientiality of identity
  • Traceable Status of Reported Grievance
  • Bringing Goverment Aid

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Illustrative OCI Card Concerns on Foreign Land: Reportable to Indian Government Authorities

Welfare Beyond Borders: Potential Government Aids for Indian NRIs

Financial Assistance

Offering financial assistance or grants to Indian NRIs in dire financial situations

Temporary Shelter

Arranging for emergency accommodation or temporary shelter for Indian NRIs facing immediate threats to their safety or well-being


Arranging for repatriation or evacuation of the NRI in situations of extreme distress or danger, following established protocols and procedures.

Liason with Host Government

Diplomatic negotiations with the host country's government

Liason with embassy

Liaising with the help of respective Indian embassies or consulates

Legal/Arbitation assistance

Coordinating with local legal experts or agencies for legal recourse

Community support

Establishing community support networks or cultural centers to provide social, cultural, and emotional support to Indian NRIs.


Offering emotional support and counseling services to help the NRI cope with the emotional stress and challenges

Navigating cultural differences

Providing guidance on navigating cultural differences and norms that may impact legal proceedings in the host country.

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India for NRI was a lifesaver when my OCI card renewal got stuck in bureaucratic red tape. Their efficient handling of the situation and timely updates ensured I got my renewed OCI card hassle-free. Grateful for their professionalism and expertise.

------Jayesh Patel, Brazil

Dealing with the loss of my OCI card was overwhelming, but India for NRI provided much-needed guidance and support throughout the replacement process. Their team went above and beyond to expedite the procedure and alleviate my concerns. Highly recommend their services for OCI card-related issues.

------Klipa Sharma, Brampton


Our 'OCI Card Processing Issue Resolution' service is crafted to handle concerns regarding the application, processing, and Grievance of OCI Card. We are dedicated to providing prompt solutions, guidance, and support to address grievances related to OCI cards for NRIs.If you're facing a grievance of OCI Card or encountering OCI card issues, complaints of OCI card or OCI Card Complaints, our service is designed to assist you in navigating and resolving these issues efficiently.

The resolution process for your OCI Card concerns involves initiating the grievance of OCI Card, addressing OCI card issues, and handling complaints of OCI cards or OCI Card Complaints. Our commitment includes registering the complaint with the relevant government authority within 2 to 3 business days. Upon receipt of the acknowledgment, we promptly update you via email. Please note, the resolution timeline may vary based on the complexity of the case and the operational efficiency of the government authority. While our role is to initiate the registration process with the government authority, you can always inquire about the status of your OCI card complaint by contacting us at

This is to report any issue related to processing of OCI card, Clearly describe the processing issue you are facing with your OCI card.

Include any relevant information, such as the date of application, the processing center, and specific issues encountered.

No specific documents are usually needed, but providing any relevant documents can assist in resolving your grievance.

Passport : Require the scanned copy of the passsport

Indian Identification Documents: Your identification documents, such as a Pan card or Aadhaar card or driving license, to verify your identity

Residential proof : Such as electricity bill or gas bill or water bill

OCI Application Documents: Have copies of all documents related to your OCI application, including your application form, acknowledgment receipt, and any correspondence or communication with the authorities.

Supporting Evidence: Any additional documents or evidence related to the grievance, such as fee receipts, examination records, or official notices.

Should you encounter any OCI card issues or have complaints about the OCI card processing, please provide us with comprehensive information using our dedicated portal for assistance with Grievance of OCI Card, oci card issues, complaints of oci card, and OCI Card Complaints.

Access the dedicated India for NRI Grievance Portal, designed to handle complaints related to Grievance of OCI Card, oci card issues, complaints of oci card, and OCI Card Complaints.

Registration/Login: If it's your first time using the portal, register using a valid email address and creating a secure password. Existing users can simply log in to their accounts.

Submit Your Grievance: Provide comprehensive details about your issue related to OCI Card Complaints, attaching any relevant documents or evidence.

Tracking: Once your complaint is registered with the relevant government authority, we'll share the acknowledgment. Use the acknowledgement number to track the progress of your grievance by emailing us at

As an NRI, you have the convenience of lodging your grievance online through our portal, which addresses concerns like Grievance of OCI Card, oci card issues, complaints of oci card, and OCI Card Complaints. This eliminates the need for physical presence at any Indian government office.

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Unanswered Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Frequently asked questions

What is an OCI Card?

An OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card is a document issued by the Government of India to foreign nationals of Indian origin. It was introduced to facilitate easier travel to India for individuals of Indian origin living abroad.

Who is eligible for an OCI card?

Individuals of Indian origin who are foreign nationals, or whose parents or grandparents were Indian citizens, are generally eligible.

What are the benefits of having an OCI card?

The OCI card serves as a lifelong visa for entering and staying in India. It provides certain rights similar to those of Indian citizens, such as the ability to own property in India.

What types of issues can be addressed through OCI card grievances?

OCI card grievances can address a range of issues, such as delays in processing, incorrect information on the OCI card, difficulty in scheduling appointments, or any other concerns related to the OCI card application.

Are there any common reasons for OCI card grievances?

Common reasons for OCI card grievances include application processing delays, inaccuracies in card details, difficulties in scheduling appointments, and lack of clarity in the application process.


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