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Make your Free NRI Will

Creating a will is crucial step in ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. India for NRI offers clients to make a Free will.

Make your free will

Residential Status check

Residential status of an individual as per Income tax act is crucial in determining. The process requires a careful examination of various factors. India for NRI provides free Residential check for individual.

Check your Residency Status

Create your Rent Agreement

Creating a rent agreement sets rental terms between landlord and tenant. India for NRI offers NRIs a free basic rent agreement template.

Create your Rent Agreement

DTAA Between India & US

The India-US DTAA prevents double taxation on the same income. India for NRI provides free tax assessment services for NRIs, clarifying tax obligations.

DTAA Between India & US

DTAA Between India & UK

The India-UK DTAA prevents double taxation for NRIs. India for NRI offers free services to assess income taxability in both countries.

DTAA Between India & UK

Tax on Investments in India

The tax for NRI on investments may india can vary based on the type, tenure and status of Investments. India for NRI provides a Free check for knowing the tax rates on various investments by NRI.

Check your Residency Status

Opening for NRI Account

Open your bank account for free! Enjoy hassle-free banking with no initial deposit or maintenance fees. Start managing your finances effortlessly today. India for NRI provides a Free opening of bank account.

Opening for NRI Account

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