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Used cases of NRI inheritance planning

Key considerations for NRI inheritance

Can inherit

any asset

Not required

to be physically present in india

$1mn allowed

to remit per year

Inheritance tax

might apply in some countries

Jurisdictional laws

apply in case of cross border assets

Probate of

will required in some cases

Less than 2%

of total documents registred in india are will

Separate will

for each jurisdiction is advisable

$ 48 Billion

unclaimed deposits, PF, shares etc in India

99% of

Indians do not have a will

Assets are

not by default transferred to your beneficiaries as per laws

Inheritance laws

differ based on religion, country, location


decides beneficiaries in case of death without inheritance plan

80% YoY

increase in people making inheritance plan

Digital executor

for digital assets

Will Trust

Written document detailing how assets are distributed after death.

Legal arrangement where settlor transfers assets to trust for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Other than agriculture land

On death of testator

Either during lifetime (living trust) or upon death (testamentary trust)

Agricultural Land allowed?

Payment Method

Exectutor appointed to carry out testators wishes

Trustee appointed to manage the trust assets and carry out the instructions

Repatriation ?

Changes possible

yes, if revocable

Probate avoidance

Manages estate if you become incapacitated

Creditor protection

Estate tax planning

Requires Witnesses?

No (Witnesses may not be required, but advisable for certain types of trusts)

Can Distribute Assets Immediately?


Can be desginated

Can include provision for Minor care

Legal challenges

Legal challenges

Less suspectiblee

Court intervention ?

Benefits of inhertiance planning

Asset Protection: Shield assets from unnecessary taxation, creditors, and disputes, ensuring wealth preservation.

Family Harmony: Minimize conflicts by outlining clear distribution plans, fostering unity among heirs.

Control and Flexibility: Maintain control over asset distribution, tailor plans to reflect personal values and family dynamics.

Tax Efficiency: Minimize tax liabilities through strategic planning, maximizing asset value for beneficiaries.

Protection of Minor Children: Designate guardians, establish trusts to ensure children's welfare and financial stability.

Preservation of Family Legacy: Pass down heirlooms, traditions, and philanthropic goals, ensuring legacy continuity.

Asset distribution as per the will of the individual who owns the assets rather than distribution as per the laws of the country of residence or country in which the assets lies.

Probate Letter of Administration Succession Certificate Legal Heir Certificate
Required when deceased has a valid will?

Validates authenticity and validity of the will?

Appoints an executor/administrator?

Allows for distribution of assets according to the will?

Applies when deceased died intestate or named executor unable to fulfill duties?

Validates entitlement of heirs to the estate?

Required for transferring assets like property, bank accounts, and investments?


Validates and executes the will of the deceased, ensuring assets are distributed according to the terms of the will.

Appoints an administrator to manage and distribute the estate when there is no will or the executor named in the will is unable to fulfill their duties.

Provides legal authority to inherit and manage the deceased's assets and liabilities in the absence of a will.

Certifies the legal heirs entitled to inherit the deceased's assets but does not grant authority to manage the estate.

Rights Conferred

Executor gains authority to manage and distribute the estate

Administrator gains authority to manage and distribute the estate.

Heirs gain authority to inherit and manage the estate

Legal recognition of entitlement to inherit but does not confer authority to manage the estate.

Distribution of Assets

Facilitates the transfer of assets according to the terms of the will.

Facilitates the transfer of assets according to the law in the absence of a will.

Facilitates the transfer of assets according to the law in the absence of a will

Not applicable

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